Our Conference 2020

Grow Boys presents our 9th Annual Conference (KIT) 2020 this May at the G.H. Dawe Community Center in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. We are expecting over 700 boys representing every fifth grade classroom in the city to attend.  The boys will explore four domains of growing up healthy and happy throughout the day as they each participate in several fun and educational activities revolving around the themes of Respect, Understanding, Relationships and Responsibility.

We are extremely excited to bring our conference effort to a new decade in 2020, and we are also very excited to be working on a project opportunity to extend our context on another continent. Stay tuned for developing news in that regard!

Our Grow Boys Conference is based in a learning paradigm that honors ancient ways of knowing. It frames a journey of discovery with four directions on what we call the "HOPE Wheel.". Each participant is placed within a clan family corresponding to a color (identified by a t-shirt they will all wear at the conference.) The boys travel with their clan families throughout the day to different sessions that are based on one of the four directions: respect; understanding; relationships and responsibility. Each of these directions is centered around the concept of hope... an action word.

As the boys participate in a wide variety of new and engaging learning activities, they will understand how each one fits one of our four directions, and that by getting involved in pursuit of these directions, they are manifesting hope. Each clan family is led by a pair of high school mentors who have volunteered their time to be part of the day, and help provide a sense of belonging and purpose for their clan families.

As the boys eat their lunch at one of three different time periods throughout the middle part of the day, they will learn more about the Hope Wheel and how it represents a very culturally significant learning context. The journey in each direction throughout the day leads everyone back to the main gym at the end of the day to gather and receive a final message of optimism and well-being..

Please get in touch if you have any questions about this year's conference, and by all means, if you have something to offer our event!

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