Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Grow Boys- How Will We "Grow"

It's 2020, a new decade offering the potential to be hopeful and optimistic about the evolving world and our places within it. 2020 is our ninth year of creating and offering a conference designed to connect boys to the concept of HOPE as framed by our structural model, the HOPE Wheel.

We call what we do Grow Boys, and we feel extremely confident that our philosophical platform can support any effort in any location to raise healthy, happy, and well-adjusted boys from pre-birth to 100+ years old. We are framing 2020 as a year of growth and movement toward directions that excite us and create opportunities to scale and transfer what we do.

We have experience.

We have insight.

We have research.

We have the will.

Now it's time to make connections.

I am excited to announce that we are in the initiation phase of work with a small group of passionate and creative supporters of youth in Africa. Our good friend for years, Michael Josefowicz in Brooklyn, NY, USA is a catalyst for this connection that includes key individuals on the ground in Africa challenged by the imperative to raise good boys with the intent that they will become the leaders that do well by doing good things in their local village communities. The desire is for these boys to become respectful, educated, collaborative leaders who will support their villages in sustainable, ethical, and responsible ways... that they become "elders" for their people who will, in turn, support others as they have been supported.

Grow Boys to many is understood as a one day conference in May in support of hundreds of fifth-grade boys in Red Deer, AB, CAN. It has always been more than that though, and we feel that now is the time to make that obvious and purposeful. In 2020 we will make the effort to guide others interested in nurturing the happy, healthy, well-adjusted boys and men we need in the world today, and we'll teach the rest about why this is such a critically important effort for them to support.

Stay tuned for exciting things to come fro Grow Boys everywhere.

See you on May, 14, 2020!