Thursday, November 17, 2011

What would your inner 5th grader want to do?

flickr CC image via Sean MacEntee

So we're deep into the brainstorming process.

Our program committee at is convening next week to tap collective intelligence regarding what a few hundred fifth grade boys would like to do at a one-day conference under the themes of respect, understanding, relationships and responsibility.

We're looking for engaging (not boring), thought-provoking (not preachy) and interactive (not "sit and get") activities that will create memories for the boys for years to come... the kind that will resonate ten years from now when they will be the ones volunteering to make sure the Grow Boys! wrap-a-round support effort continues.

We want to hear your ideas.

Share with us...


  1. I've just recently found this project and the blog. Pretty exciting stuff. I love that you are planning a one day conference. Given the huge "problem" so much of the education system in the States has meeting the needs of young men. My hunch is you can make an impact much larger than you might believe is possible.

    I'm hoping to find posts here on the ongoing progress so that folks from around the world ( I'm in Brooklyn.) can add any ideas and more important to me , be inspired by the work you are doing in Alberta.

  2. Welcome aboard Michael! I met with Justin Flunder, a friend and colleague this morning. We chatted about the possibility that he would volunteer to do a closing keynote dialog at our conference... delighted to say he's on board. Justin comes with a myriad of speaking experience, and is a teacher, but most importantly a dad with three boys, one in fifth grade. We're super happy to welcome Justin on board. He is committed to help build the buzz and will help grow our network of supporters through his connections far and wide, including the US;o)
    Stay tuned...