Sunday, April 9, 2017

A Landmark Year for Grow Boys...

A Significant and Historic Year for Grow Boys

This year marks the 6th annual "Grow Boys" conference event. In our first year we referred to the event as the "Grow Boys Conference," but decided ever since to refer to it as the "Knights in Training Conference." The rationale was good... we adopted a theme that framed our boys as traveling on a journey of discover surrounding a central them of hope, and that set them up to expand their understanding of four elements: respect; understanding; relationships and responsibility. We also wanted to separate the branding of "Grow Boys" from the conference event so decided a different, unique name would do that. We had other plans for Grow Boys Red Deer as an overarching effort to support the happy, healthy development of boys from birth to 100 and beyond. Now we feel that a retunr to our roots makes sense; it just feels like the right thing to do.

So here we are, right back where we started with the Grow Boys conference... we most definitely remain grounded in our Hope Wheel philosophy, and use the teachings of this medicine wheel to frame our day. We do this in honor of the Treaty 6 First Nations that traditionally inhabit this land we live on north of the Red Deer River. As explained so eloquently by Dr. Lorna Williams here, we honor these indigenous peoples and the ways in which they learned and passed on wisdom to their younger generations, just as we intend to do at our conference.

Teaching within the culture of the Hope Wheel, we intend to help our boys realize that there is much to experience on their personal learning journeys, and more importantly, that there are many surrounding them willing to help them as they grow and learn. That is the spirit of Grow Boys, and whey we continue to make the effort each spring. 

Many, many thanks to all of our collaborators, volunteers, mentors, presenters, teachers and other supporters who together, create the network of kind and caring people who support our fifth grade boys authentically and enthusiastically.

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