Sunday, March 24, 2013

Here We Grow Again!

Grow Boys Red Deer presents the Second Annual…

Conference, May 16, 2013 at G.H. Dawe Community Center

Come take the journey with us! 

We are thrilled to present another Grow Boys Red Deer conference event this year for fifth grade boys within our community. We are calling it "Knights in Training," and anticipate over 600 boys from three school districts will be joining us along with over 75 adult volunteers, and an equal number of high school volunteer clan family leaders. 
The boys will be arranged in groups of 20 - 25 clan families representing 24 different school kingdoms. They will take a journey of discovery with their new family as they learn what it takes to become a 'knight'. Each of our knights in training will participate in a range of learning experiences that teach them about the core concepts of respect, understanding, relationships and responsibility... elements of life and learning that true knights understand implicitly.  They will also learn how the four directions correlate to the core understanding of knights everywhere; "hope is an action word."  
Participants at the Knights in Training event will participate in 4 learning activities throughout the day revolving around the four directions. They will be taking action to learn what the directions mean to them, and how they can use their new skills to have hope, and more importantly, how to take action to achieve what they hope for. 
Details about our program are evolving as session facilitators are confirmed. We are very excited about the conference this year!

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