Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Welcome Kinsmen!

Grow Boys!  Red Deer is extremely happy to announce that we've struck a partnership with the local Kinsmen Club of Red Deer. This is a major development for Grow Boys! and we are very excited about the opportunities it will create.

Kin Canada has been around since 1920 and  is the nation's largest all-Canadian service club organization. Over 7,000 members in Kinsmen, Kinette and Kin clubs across Canada work to better their communities, enhance the well-being of Canadians and improve the environment. The Kinsmen mandate is a perfect fit for Grow Boys!  We too are totally committed to enhancing the well-being of Canadians, and specifically, Canadian boys whom we aim to support as they grow to be happy, healthy and well-adjusted men themselves... perhaps men, who like the Kinsmen, will want to give back to their communities, families and the young men in their care.

Stay tuned for developing news about our exciting new partnership. Grow Boys!  Red Deer is very proud to have made this connection with the Kinsmen, and we are looking forward with anticipation and excitement  about future collaborative projects!

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  1. A huge thanks to the Kinsmen for supporting this project. Positive social change starts by focusing on the positive social and emotional development of young men at a very early age and maintaining that attention continuing up into early adulthood and beyond. We have the philosophically sound program that will make a difference we just need the men and resources to deliver it. So a huge thanks to the Kinsmen for stepping up to play a part in that role.

    Tyler Duffy

    Psychology Research Student investigating the "Knights in Training" Grow Boys Mentorship Program.